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Oh no she dih'nt

that ho!

Bad friends suck
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Okay, we've all experianced it and as of yet I haven't found a community for it, so here ya go.
Don't you HATE it when your friend is in a relationship and they ditch you constantly?
Or all they talk about is their bf/gf?
Or every time you go out with them their significant other comes along?

This isn't a community made up of bitter single people.
Nor is it a community to cause LJ drama by linking to people's LJ's/certain entries.

What this community IS, is a support group for people that feel they're losing real friends to a relationship that may or may not be long lasting.
Come here to rant, come here to ask advice, or just to talk to other people in similar situations.

Mod = pyromantik

Please keep the drama down to a dull roar.